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By Any Other Name: Xaak Doyle

Xaak Doyle is a published author, novelist, screenwriter and film producer. Xaak has a very diverse library of projects and continues to create new and exciting stories each and every day. A man who has many passions in life, family and friends that he lists at the top of them, his stories will capture your mind and heart and deliver you to a better place.

 Where Imagination Meets The Page, and Dreams Become Reality.
The Orphan Corsairs
Maxwell and Lucky
To Gnome Me
Pirate Captain Rocco Slaughter takes a group of orphans on account for the adventures and challenges of the sea.
A man has to keep his word, because it may be the last thing he owns that defines him.
What could be more exciting than the gnomes from Norge Hollow? Nothing that I can think of!
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