About Xaak Doyle's - Time After Time

"Time After Time" by Xaak Doyle is the love story of two young people who find each other on a chance glance across the park one day. What ensues from that point is the budding of a connection, all the way to the blossoming of eternal love. The miracle of love, a human emotion that can take someone by storm, is energetic, vibrant and when true, everlasting.
Ta Ja'e Spurlock and Bryce Adams had one of those experiences. The discovery of each other was overwhelming and fun. Spending time together they share pieces of themselves that no one else ever knew. Eventually, they seem to know more about each other than either of them realized.
If you live long enough you just might be fortunate enough to find your true love. That one person walking the planet that completes you. The one person that you will come to know in your heart is that special someone. They will calm you, and thrill you, all at the same time.
In Xaak Doyle's "Time After Time", the journey two people looking for each other, happens right before our eyes. As they stumble and stammer through awkward conversations, find that their hands melt together during long walks and they share a passion between them that burns like an eternal and familiar flame, Ta Ja'e and Bryce are about to take the adventure of a lifetime. They try to make their love last forever.
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