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Sure enough... but not too much! Bryce and Ta Ja'e met by chance, catching each other in what could have otherwise been just an innocent look. There was an obvious attraction, and yet, while it could have been purely physical, it was more intriguing than just a one night stand or a look in a club. They smiled at each other, neither able to look away. They somehow knew there was more to it than meets the eye.
Bryce is your typical guy in his later 20's. Going to school, working hard, and trying to have fun with his friends in between.. All this seemed normal for a man his age, his boyish good looks, tufts of hair that always looked very carefully planned - messy. One thing about Bryce that was obvious was that he was passionate. If he involved himself, he was all in. When it came to goals he had lofty ones, and he was just the right guy to exceed even those expectations he made for himself. Again, just the typical guy, but then again, not so much. Bryce was also a deep thinker and inspired by his dreams. With a future so promising, finding Ta Ja'e just made his life full.
Ta Ja'e is a rock star, or so she thinks. She is radiantly beautiful, extremely intelligent and manages all of that on top of being a force among high profile realtors in the big City. She relocated to New York City looking for her fortune. Ta Ja'e is focused on career, and wasn't exactly expecting to find someone to fill the void in her life. In fact, she was so busy and driven by her business life that she sometimes completely forgot about boys. That probably isn't the exact truth, she knew there were boys and often thought about finding herself in a meaningful relationship, the problem for her was that she didn't want to shop for one. She believed in karma, and had faith that things would happen when it was time. She did enjoy her friends, especially Michaela, the girlfriend she spent the majority of her free time and shopping budget with.
Bryce Adams
Ta Ja'e Spurlock
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